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Considering penis enlargement?  Tips on penis enlargement include pills, pumps, exercise and surgeries.  Male enhancement products and procedures are expensive and sometimes dangerous.  Men’s magazines and the Internet will bombard men with these products, techniques, and surgery that rarely enhance the length or girth of the penis. 



However proceed with caution.  There is no scientific research that will back up any of the above.  Worst yet some of these methods and procedures can damage a penis and even cause erectile dysfunction or impotence.  Most men only think their penis is small and this is not the case.  The average size penis is 3-4 inches when not erect and between 5-7 inches erect.  Men with 3 inches or smaller when erect should only be concerned and even then you are able to have a satisfying sex life and still able to make babies.

Most men want results regardless when searching for tips on penis enlargement.  Exercise seems to be the only sure remedy and it isn’t immediate.  First of all the best tip on penis enlargement is to exercise for 20 to 40 minuets any more then this can actually reduce the results.  It is also a good idea to flex your PC muscles or the pubococcygeus muscle.  They are similar to kegel exercise for women.  The PC muscle is a hammock like muscle found in both sexes that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx or tail bone.  Clench and release the PC muscle in long and short bursts for counts of 10.  Tighten and hold it as long as you can.  You also have to warm up before exercising before doing your workout. 

After this another tip for penis enlargement is jelqing exercises, do between 200-300 reps.  As previously mentioned the results aren’t immediate but with patience you will notice an improvement in girth.  Foods that will help include apples, oatmeal and chicken.  Most importantly drinking lots of water will help with erection and stamina.   Lastly testimone in the blood helps enhance and erection.  However penis size is a matter of personal preference for both you and your partner. 

Many women complain when a penis is too large because the tip of the penis strikes the cervix causing pain and discomfort.  When considering tips on penis enlargement look to your partner first.  If he or she is not complaining it may be something of concern to you only.  To be honest your partner’s emotional and physical needs and desires are most important before researching tips on penis enlargement.  These emotional and physical needs and desires are more likely to improve your sexual relationships then trying to change the size of your penis. 

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